Thursday 19 July 2012

I couldn't help myself.......

 I'm not going to write many words as it so late!
I would not have been able to sleep if I hadn't given the charms another coat of paint, then added the patina.  So despite the late hour I just had to do it!  So at 10.45pm this is what they looked like!
 Then as per instructions - whilst it was still wet
 I brushed on the patina
 I think that I was a bit heavy handed with that
 So it will be interesting to see what they look like, and its a learning curve!
 You have to leave it for 48 hours.
If they look any different to the above tomorrow lumch time I'll post some more pictures.

I didn't waste any time with Verday

I just couldn't contain myself having opened the parcel!
Why wait until tonight?
This was the first three I painted - but of course they get more coats of paint.

It took me by surprise as for some reason I was expecting the paint to be thick but they were runny which is a good thing as you don't lose the fine detail.
These were the next three - so a better job - and you can begin to see the head is Egyptian on the right
This covered the white rather well.

 This covered well, when I painted it on I did it really thickly - but there are a couple of air bubbles which I had to pop.

Please remember that all these pictures are far bigger than the items themselves, as you can see in a couple of posts previously

 So any little imperfections are magnified!
 These were the last two I painted and have turned out the best so far.
They'll all get at least one more coat or maybe two if they need it - then the patina.

It's fun experimenting.

Looking back at the previous post you can see the vast improvement on the 'naked' ones

Happy Daze are here again.................

Oh you are far to young to know that song - and now it's been stuck in my brain since the post lady arrived with my order from Moira at Happy Daze

 I have been lusting after these for a long long time - but couldn't really justify splurging out on them.
Just looking at the 'stuff' in my craft room drawers that have never seen daylight always fills me with guilt.  Am I just jumping on the fever of the latest 'must have' - like the grunge paper and stuff, or the sheets of unused 12" x 12" filling a drawer to the brim.  

Or those stamps - still lying unused in their unopened packets.  To name just a few things1
But I really really will use these, I promise.

I'll  be experimenting on the polymer clay charms to start with - so watch this space.

And talking of charms, whilst online at the Happy Daze Shop.......

Somehow a pile of charms just happened to slip into my basket.

I'll be unashamedly taking moulds of some of them before using the orignals in art.

Do please, I beg of you, nag me, and nag me if they don't start making an appearance on my blog in he next couple of weeks.

Um..... just spotted a problem.........can anyone point me in the right direction to get seme chains and findings to match the antique charms I have bought please?