Sunday 1 November 2009

Grandma's Attic - Vintage tin

In the days of 'make do and mend' grandmas could re-create anything into something totally diffent - it was a case of necessity for the working class.
And so it was with rusty old tins.
You could turn them into anything you liked!

Uncle Jack was often at sea, and brought back things from his travels, so a ticket found outside a theatre.

A scrap torn from an addressed envelope

Little paint brushes in a pot sketched onto a scrap of paper one night to ease the boredom at sea

And a prized possession - an artist's postcard from Paris from Uncle Jack

All put together to make this..........for this granny's pencils

Or paint brushes, (now that it has had a coat of matt acryllic to protect it.)

Who would have thought that a tomato tin.

Wrapped in re-cycled brown paper and dabbed with Expresso ink. An artist's painting from a magazine, a scrap of cotton lace, stamped images onto dressmaking pattern paper (used for packaging from a purchase from Very Mary), all of which were distressed, and a very vivid imagination of  'pretend' relatives - could turn out like that!