Thursday 6 January 2011

Being a child - and sloshing around wth paint

My art work is a disaster at the moment.  My attempts at journalling, sketching, even making a card - to join in the various challenges, are so bad that they are just bin fodder. 

I am not going for the sympathy vote - it's just a fact.   My brain won't switch off with life's problematic intrusions - it happens to us all doesn't it.

So late afternoon, when all the chores, and cooking etc had been done, I just went into my little craft room and just experimented.

I bought a roll of wallpaper lining today, as I couldn't get any watercolour paper or sketch pads from the nearest town.  As it is so cheap for a big roll of paper, I didn't have the 'worry' of messing anything up and I just 'let go' and played.

The first thing I did was to tear some strips, to make pages, then I sloshed on some water colours, dried it then sloshed on some very watery pearlised water colours.

And although this photo does not do the colours justice - you can just see the metallic effect of the splatters.

All of the blue shades are pearlised and catch the light - it's great!
I don't have a clue what I will do with these pages I am creating, but it is just wonderful not to 'try' to make something for a challenge or theme, but to just be a child again and play!