Tuesday 7 February 2012

Update from Polyform Products

I have had the most wonderful emails from their Global Sales and Marketing!

I was thanked for my email and the project list has been updated to include the box.

Not sure if I should mention the gentleman's name - but he wrote me a really nice email, and took the time and trouble to make it personal too.

He obviously did some research and gave me information regarding the Polymer Clay Guilds in the UK, and gave me other information.   He asked if I was aware of Sue Heaser - and gave me some info about her: I replied that I had been on a one day course with her.  He knows her very well too.   He was so very helpful and encouraging, and really kind.  I asked him a couple of questions about what clay to use for a couple of projects I  have in mind and he replied instantly.

I did feel rather guilty that he took the time and trouble and patience to answer my questions - and when I thanked him and said that I was sure that he had far more important things to do than deal with me he wrote:

"There is always something to do but at the end of the day the most important thing is to make sure our customers are happy. Cliché but true. You may not know this but we are not a large cold corporate company. We are a second generation family business that must be good at what we do to sell to the likes of Wal-Mart, etc. but really we’d rather be playing with clay all day."
That was such a nice thing to say wasn't it!  It's made my day!

Before my husband retired he was a Global Material Planning and Logistics Manager for a huge worldwide company - so I know how busy he was!
So - a big thank you to Polyform Products Company  makers and suppliers of Premo Sculpey and lots more.