Thursday 1 October 2009

A Very Mary

If you haven't found Very Mary yet you really must take a look. Take a look at her past posts - she makes so many things!

Have a look on her Etsy sites - the things she 'finds' are just amazing. All vintagey and or quirky - and just fabulous.

Very Mary had been reading my blog about my hunting for stash to get myself started on my new project - sewing.

I had browsed her Etsy shop and saw this wonderful vintage material - and thought it would be great for a bag.

I love the fact that it looks almost like Batik - and the pattern is so very cheerful.

Very Nary kindly offered to send me some of her vintage laces - and she was really poorly at the time with a fever and confined to bed!

I wasn't in a rush - but Very Mary somehow got them in the post to me - and what a surprise. They were wrapped in vintage clothes pattern paper - it is that wonderful shade of caramel that tissue paper goes over many years. I very carefully slid out the contents - as I want to use the paper in a future project. Not sure what yet - but it is such wonderful paper.

I am now building up a stash - so thought I would proudly show you how it looks now!

Very Mary had wrapped layers of pieces of lace onto card. What a surprise when I unwound a piece to find another underneath - and another.......

I have followed her lead, and spent a happy afternoon cutting up cardboard and wrapping hers - and my bits onto card and now look at my stash - doesn't it look good. I have added to it with pieces I have bought from charity shops these past few weeks, some Haruko, my lovely daughter in law found at a car boot sale. The maroon and grey on the top row, I found in another charity shop in a local little town. There is some that Haruko cut off an old dress, (the top right hand corner, with the silvery pieces) the latter her friend had cut off a top and was selling them at a boot sale - not all the pieces are long - some are just short lengths - but every last little bit I can find a use for.

Doesn't it look a wonderful collection. Before all the bits were just in a drawer - now it looks so much nicer all carded - and I can see at a glance the different sizes. It also looks like I have so much more too.

Thank you Very Mary for showing me how to store the laces properly, for the lovely selection you sent me - and for the material - I will put them all to good use!