Friday 26 June 2009

TGiF Alphabet

It is Friday again - so soon and over on their site the challenge this week is Alphabet.

I popped over to Jo Capper-Sandon's blog where I saw her latest gorgeous work of art for the theme - which prompted me to have a go.

It is hot here - very hot - and very humid - the sort of weather where you just want to flop and doze - but I thought I would have a go.

Sadly I did not achieve anything anywhere near Jo's standard - I even printed out a picture of hers to inspire me - but what was in my head didn't translate into reality - so instead I just played about.

I loved the way that Paula had made these cards on Wednesday cutting out parts of quote stamps, so I thought I might try that.

After many goes, I failed miserably at that too. (She can't make jam though so I am giving her some LOL) Edited to say that apparently Paula can make jam - I see a competition coming some time soon LOL

This is what I ended up with (Click to enlarge)

The mount board I painted with shades of blue ink, and tried to get a cloudy effect.

I stamped all the images on, and outlined some with white pen (as Paula had done on one of her cards). I did cut out some pieces of quote, but only one turned out OK. The other I stamped straight on to the board. Tim Holtz stamps in this set look 'grungy' it's not me smudging them - honest!

The 'd' (for disaster or dream) is punched out of card, which I painted black and embossed - that actually looks good in real life!

Off to cook the crumble, which I should have done instead to messing about in my studio shed - and 'd' for dream that one day I will master this arty crafty lark.

And when I have finished all that, put my chickens away, tidied up my things in the studio, I will just have time to make tea before I run out of energy.

Have a good weekend everyone

Just a book - not a work of art.

I made this large thick book for our youngest granddaughter as an 'extra' surprise present. It is about an inch thick and is A4 size cut in half vertically - full of plain paper, so that she can draw, paint, glue, write - or do whatever ever she likes in it.

The covers are made out of thick robust mount board - to withstand the bashing that it will no doubt get.

Although it's not a work of art - I did take a lot of time and trouble making it - so I thought I might as well show it or you might think I haven't been doing much for a week.

I have also put together lots of arty crafty goodies for her, papers, stamped Gorjuss images, ribbons, a card making kit, in fact a big tin full of stuff (I decorated the tin too - one of those huge tins you get at Christmas full of sweets).

We are off to see the family, and I am taking lots of other goodies too. Home made jams, a sunflower in a pot for Kerys to grow on, cucumber plant, 24 chocolate brownies, 12+ Date and walnut cakes - a big tray bake I made cut up! And I am just off in a minute to bake a huge gooseberry and apple crumble - their mum's favourite.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Quick fix for stress..............

I've had a couple of stressful days lately - due to the hailstorm and flash flooding - the conservatory which is our dining room etc was flooded, so too the porch hallway and the garage. So its been smelly, dirty, and a mess.

Yesterday I took myself off to see my friend Paula Whittaker I had so been looking forward to it.

We converse via email and the telephone - but don't get together as often as we would like - so I was not going to miss seeing her for a flood!

We had a great day - talking for England as usual - and I got to see 'in the flesh' her beautiful cards that have appeared in magazines and on her blog.

The camera never does justice does it?

We have a famine of craft shops in Norfolk - so went to the better of the two - and had a good look around. No bargains to be had - but it is so much nicer seeing things in real life than on the web - well it is for me.

We managed to buy some goodies though and had a great time.

The course I am on finishes next week - so we hope to get together more often to actually do some crafting!

This afternoon I 'left' the mess, and broken patio door glass (felt much happier now that it has been made safe), and headed off down the garden determined to make a card - and I did.

I had to lean over a lamp to take this photo - so the collage image of the lady and butterfly on the cream background looks not quite 'square' but it is - its the angle I have taken the photo.

I mounted the picture on thick textured cream card, inked the border with a toning colour to match the butterfly, then I distressed all the edges.

The backing papers I chose to compliment each other - trying to emulate Paula - she's great at that - but I haven't got the 'knack' yet - but I think this is a good attempt.

Across the middle join is ribbon, and I had a go at making one of the 'modern' flowers that seem to be the 'in' thing at the moment.

After cutting out, scrunching up, and distressing, I offset each layer slightly (thanks for the tip Paula) and added one of the gems, that Paula found in the shop. It picks up the colours beautifully.

Purple, butterflies, and rain on the roof of my wooden studio while I worked - the perfect 'fix' for stress

Saturday 13 June 2009

Door hanger

I made this for a forum friend - thought it might come in handy for a craft room door.

Click to enlarge.

Think I will make one - different of course - for myself.

Tim Holtz stamp - and Ecoline Inks

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Better photos of the baby book

I took these photos, when I got back from LR classes - they look a bit better today

At times like these I wish there were shops near me so that I could just whizz in and pick out lots of things to make something instantaneously

But there aren't so I can't - so I make do

And it has its compensations living in the country - and not far from the coast.

Tuesday 9 June 2009

A book for Loic - A labour of Love

I have spent all day making this book for a young couple (friends of my son) who have had their first baby.

I made them a wedding cake when they got married - they live in Luxembourg now - so I thought I would make them a little book.

It has been a labour of love - though not so long as Christine's giving birth to him!

I have just come in from my garden studio - and should really have waited until daylight to take photos - but as I am out first thing for the morning - I was too impatient to wait!

The colours look so much better in natural light.

As usual, click photos to enlarge

It was a hot sunny day here on the day Loic was born - so this reflects that rather than a pale baby blue little book. The front cover - the photo is under an acetate page, with dainty swirls and glittery gems - the beauty of which doesn't show up in the photo - but it creates a lovely frame, leaving the middle clear, and keeping the photo clean.

Literally just born

"This Magical Moment" -the facing page. A beautiful photo taken a few minutes later.

Over the page - he is having a nap

Another precious picture of his dad Thierry - savouring the moment

Oh La La - his first feed - how contented they look

I helped myself to this photo - just up on their blog today - Dad's just brought baby home.

The back cover - the little fluffy animal - was in his cot just after he was born so I managed to just get his head.

I will write or type up a message for this page.

I finished it off with hot orange and baby blue ribbons

Think I'll have a rest now!

I cut all the pages from mountboard - 7 inches x 5.5 inches.
I covered all the pages with plain and patterned paper and card.
K&Co everything else - Acetate frames, paper, rubs ons etc

Monday 8 June 2009

My 'other life'

Not had time to do any crafting for a couple of days - but I have been working my socks off making some other creations which you can see here

I will be back to crafting later in the week though - if it is sunny and I am unable to work outdoors.

And definitely at the weekend - my days of rest!

Friday 5 June 2009

Spiderman - a work of art

Here is my little work of art. I 'made' him - inasmuch as if I hadn't made his daddy he wouldn't be here would he? Luke, aged 3, check out those muscles!

'Famous Person' CJ pages

I have been mithering over this swap I am in for weeks and weeks. I have been searching the web, researching all the usual candidates. I even thought of Abraham Lincoln whose forebears came from the village I live in - but as it is for a stamping swap, I couldn't come up with suitable stamps.

Until today that is - I had a light bulb moment.

Well he is famous isn't he? Just you google his name.

He hasn't invented the atom, or the heart bypass.

He's not had a hit record, flown to the moon, or cooked for the Queen.

He's very messy, loves being covered in ink - and drives women WILD.

Did you guess - it's TIM HOLTZ
I have never met him - won any of his Blog Candy - but I do 'stalk' his blog and get inspiration from his work. Lets face it, I need all the help I can get.

As you all know I am a beginner - but I have used everything from 'Tim'.

His techniques, his stamps, his Adirondack inks - Sail boat blue, Stream, Pitch black, and Archival black pigment. Grunge board and crackle accents. Phew!

I only hope that the recipient likes the pages.

Monday 1 June 2009

Another play with colouring an image

Using a stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms I experimented again. Decided to go bold.

The green backing paper I coloured myself a few days ago, with distress inks, and flicked water upon it to make a nice effect - not that you can see much of it! I took inspiration for the colour and texture from this chair - it's gone mossy green over the winter months and I love the colour.

This is an A6 card. I don't know who the papers are made by, I bought them from a friend - it is the same sheet using the patterns from both sides. I painted the image with distress, and Adirondack inks, picking up the colours in the papers - hence the orange background on the stamped image - it matches exactly the orange stripes.

The card, die cuts, I outlined in gold Krylon pen, and on the scalloped 'mat' picked out the pattern in gold - which lifts it - and I like the effect - but it's not really noticeable in the photos. The butterfly was created using a Nestabilities die cut from the same card and outlined in Krylon gold.

For extra texture I used flower arrangers open weave tape on the card too - and stamped the sentiment.

Practice will make perfect - eventually. This card 'only' took three hours! It's an hour quicker than the last one!

I thought I would enter it for Monday's Mixed Media Challenge - Layers - my first entry.