Friday 19 December 2008

BIA Note Book

Here is another note book I have made for a very special little girl. I took a photo of her little chicken, printed it on photo paper then mounted it on card. The paler patch at the side is 'light' glare from the thick acetate cover I made to go over the photo. I punched out the holes in the BIA, ditto for pages in the note book. Made a back cover, put it all together and added the ribbons - she is only a youngster and likes bright colours and pink - so I added a strand of pink ribbon too - plus a couple of silver charms.

It doesn't sound like much work - but it took me a few hours in the afternoon.

I know it isn't all arty farty - it's not meant to be - its a little present - but I know she will love it!

BIA Note Book - Mermaid Goddess

If you click on the image you get a better idea of the 'wet' looking texture. Any white spots are reflections of the light - as the embossing is really lovely and shiny.

I have spent all day making some BIA note books. In fact I have been busy doing quite a few things behind the scenes - but as they are presents I can't risk posting them on here.

The photo above is of one I made earlier - and the photo below is the same notebook which I 'tweaked' a bit today.

This took me hours to make - but I am quite pleased with how it turned out in the end.

The imaged is stamped and embossed - and in 'the hand' its a great texture and looks lovely with a 'wet' look to it all. Took me so long to cut, make, and decorate the covers. I tied up the threads twice then added the fish bone and hand made with love silver charms. I spent a lot of time trying to create an initial for it - but after three aborted attempts I gave up and put the silver charms on.

As it will be a present and it's going in a box - it qualifies for this week's challenge in One Powerful Hour.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Noel Accordian Christmas Card

Over on Time for Crafting They have an online magazine - and a forum which I belong to.

This month's magazine has a down load template for an Accordian NOEL Christmas card - it really took my fancy as it was something different - so I thought I would give it a go. There is also a template for a little envelope - sorry I forgot to take a photo - but you all know what a square envelope looks like don't you?

This white one was made by Sara - who hosts the site - she has run it through an embossing machine.

It gives it a great texture - and looks fantastic in 'real life'

The templates are in GSD and PDF - so use your 'Robo' or similar to cut it out for you - or use the PDF file if you use scissors like me.

Here is my version - I don't have an embossing machine so I improvised.

I followed the instructions and cut mine out using white card - then I coloured it using Distressed Red Brick - by putting some on a non-stick mat, spritzing with water, then dragging the colour onto the letters with a sponge.

Using the same ink pad, I stamped the letters with a pattern, then triple embossed them.

Using the same colour to stamp with, gave it a nice vintage velvet look. Looks so much better in natural light and feels great.

I outlined the letters with a gold pen.

I made some ivy leaves this morning - to put on top of the 'N' and bottom of the 'L' but I decided that I preferred it just the way it was.

In fact I am not evening going to send it to someone - I think I will punch a hole in the top of the first and last letters, add a gold grommit, and some ribbon and hang it up as a decoration.

I might even cut out individual letters - stick them to a length of ribbon and make a garland - if I get time!

So why don't you pop over to Time for Crafting, have a preview look at the magazine - and have a nosey on the forum - its a very friendly place to visit.

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Christmas with a 'twist'

It is the last day of the Christmas Term at the class I attend each week. As this is the last Christmas as our tutor is retiring at the end of the academic year, I wanted to make it a memorable one for her.

There are 15 of us in the class, and it is the norm to pay £1 or £1.50 towards a bunch of flowers, so I offered to make an arrangement instead as it will last longer.

I only joined the class a few weeks ago - but have really enjoyed it.

This arrangement is for a dining table centre piece. The foliage I have used is:
holly, ivy (wild and variegated), rosemary, conifer, myrtle, robinta and bottle brush. (I might have missed some out -basically its greenery from the garden and the wild ivy and conifer came from a alley way in the village.)

The flowers are orchids, and deep red spray carnations. I have to say it smells wonderful and Christmassey.

This arrangement is HUGE and covers my range cooker top. It just about fits into a 3ft wide box and it is 18inches deep.

Of course I have blown the budget with all those orchids - but hey - I think it was worth it. Do you?

Saturday 6 December 2008

One Powerful Hour

The challenge this week on One Powerful Hour is Altered Dominoes and here is mine.

Which I have made into a vintage pendant

Tuesday 2 December 2008

A Moment in Time

Lime, pink, and chocolate - for This Thursday's Challenge

I took this photo before I finished it - as it will take me a couple of days to complete this book cover for a BIA notebook I intend making with it. This is the before photo.

It will get at least two coats of varnish - which takes a day for each coat to dry, but its worth it as it not only gives it a lovely 'oil painting' look - but also gives it a wipe clean surface.

I used milk chocolate and plain chocolate colours - I love all chocolate!

Tim Holtz clock mask - used it for the first time!

Hope it makes your mouth water!