Thursday 16 August 2007

Indigo Swap - Zuzu's Forum - Received

Aren't they fabulous

Top Left - Zuzu's Top Right - Kath's
Bottom - Seona's

I am thrilled to bits.

I am awaiting some new stamps from the USA don't know how long I will have to wait for them.

I hope they arrive soon and I am itching to experiment with them.

I have also bought a small hobby drill - with lots of attachments - about the size of and electric tooth brush - as recommended by Ginger on Zuzu's forum.

Hopefully I will now be able to drill holes in the decorated dominoes I make - and turn them into useful objects.

Blue and white swap for ATCards

The remit for this swap was blue and white - any combination of blues and any mediums.

This has been heavily embossed which does not seem to show up in the scan

These are variations on the same theme but no two are the same. I don't usually do similar ones like these but was under pressure to get them out!

Some embossing on the lettering

These will all be going to different people - plus one extra for the hostess.