Saturday 19 December 2009

Walking in my winter wonderland

Just thought you might like to join me in my own winter wonderland garden - its too deep and dangerous to walk around the village as yesterday's snow froze underneath today's and its really slippery.

Views of the back garden

Virgin snow - love it!

Like a postcard

It is so deep it comes almost to the top of the walls

Even the squirrel is iced like a cake.

You can't see in this photo, but the Robinta looks wonderful with red tipped leaves poking through the snow

The netting over the chicken pen is draped with the weight of the snow and looks like a Sultans tent.

My own Swiss Chalet - aka my studio

Lunch al fresco anyone?

An outdoor Christmas tree


 are twiceicles

as niceicles

When you have them in your garden.  This one is really long and right above the front entrance to my studio where I go in and out.  I hope it doesn't pierce my heart when I go out there this afternoon

I live in a modest little bungalow with a modest garden

But do you know what?

I couldn't be happier

And wouldn't wish to live anywhere else in the whole wide world.

Patrick has to go to Great Yarmouth this afternoon to compete in a bowls tournament - with his team.   It's madness - but the roads are clear on the coast - no snow at all.   I'll not be content until he is back home safely this evening - at least he is going with other men.

Whilst he is out, I will not be cocooned snuggled up in the warm.  I have things to make in my studio - and something to finish off which I started yesterday afternoon

Keep safe and warm