Monday 8 October 2007

Charmed - I'm sure!

I am joining in a challenge on Zuzu's Forum to make some charms. They need to be arty craft - not just a string of beads. I need to make 11 in total for swapping.

Here are a few on the go.

I have been experimenting making charms out of metal bottle lids.

It ruins your nails!

I get a lid and bash it about with a hammer

Into a squarish shape - not a perfect square.
I am going for a vintage look with my ones I think

I have then added black and white photos.

Bashed the sides in, then varnished it. It takes all night to dry the varnish. I have prepared about 15 of these.

The next stage is to add beads, and a ring. The top beads are glass - which catch the light. The bottom bead on this one is a lovely pearlised piece of stone or shell. The angel is actually in colour - with red/brown hair - but the scan doesn't show it up - and the bottom bead matches it wonderfully with a pearlised back and gingery brown front.

This Victorian lady is mounted on an angle so that it hangs like a triangle. The pearlised pink paint really shows up the colour photo.

A very simple black and white one - which I think is rather effective.

I spent ages rubbing the metal down with sand paper to make it shiny and to give it texture.

I still have the beads etc to add to at least eight more yet!