Sunday 19 February 2012

Work in progress - I may be sometime

 Fired up and raring to go with my wonderful box of goodies, I decided to start with one of the projects that Di Keeble kindly photocopied and sent me.  She has written projects for magazines and has been creating with polymer clay for some years.   I bought a gorgeous bracelet from her which I'll blog another day.

As a beginner I think the project I picked was beyond my capabilities at the moment - but it kept me occupied for many hours which is good thing.

 For this project I am using some of the blocks of Premo Sculpey in the previous post.
From the Accents Range, I used Pearl Blue, Bright Green Pearl, Translucent Red and Translucent White.  From the Premo Sculpey range, I used Sunshine, and Cadmium Red Hue.
 Anyone for a game of Ludo - or maybe Tiddleywinks?

I stacked the circles randomly.
I was eager to try out my Extruder for the first time too, so I squashed them a bit to get them to fit in.
 I love these sausages - you just don't know how they are going to turn out!
So far so good.  I was being very careful to read each A4 page and follow every step, and this is where I tripped up!  Unbeknown to me the page I was following was part of a double page spread and as I have bad eyesight I didn't see the 'stage' numbers I followed the pictures step by step, so missed out a crucial part of the instructions and it wasn't until I got to the top of the next page that I realised.
So the first set of sausages were covered, without me knowing that instruction was for after some of those on the next page - which messed the project up somewhat.

Luckily I had another half length of  'sausage' which I was able to stack up properly and cover properly and here it is above.

I made the mistake of using two translucent colours in this 'log' - you can see that the translucent white and translucent red have almost disappeared - but that's O.K. as a beginner I am bound to make mistakes - and it's a great learning curve.

This log is supposed to be destined for pillow beads, but the ones I tried doing with the log that turned out oblong instead of square, ended up looking like the ravioli parcels I make for lunch - albeit multi-coloured ones!

I am out tomorrow morning, so this project will have to wait until later in the day and you'll be able to see what happened next!