Friday 6 February 2009

Stained Glass Window

Over on Time for Crafting Sara has made a beautiful stained glass window aperture card - so today's inspiration came from her.

As per usual I didn't have a card with an aperture and am not the worlds best at cutting them out (understatement) so I improvised.

Ever the optimist on a dreadful snowy, sleety, rainy, then snowy dark day. I decided to make a sunshine catcher.

I am making excuses now as Sara's is stunning - and this isn't a patch on hers - but I had FUN so I am happy to have tried it. And next time I will make a better job of it.

I don't have broadband in my studio - so just have to try and remember the procedures when I am working out there.

That said - it's best to look at Sara's card as it is beautiful - photographed superbly and doesn't have brickwork, mould, and a stump of wood as a background LOL

Mine seemed to change colour with the light - roll on the sunshine!