Tuesday 1 January 2008

Altered Art CD

This is a CD which I altered for a swap.


I glued some thick card onto the CD, then added thick white paper (both cut to size).

I painted the backing paper - several times - and added bronze acrylic here and there. The left hand side looks darker in the photo as you can't define the copper in it.

I stamped on the Geisha and then painted the flowers and foliage and highlights.

Then I stamped some border flowers and foliage and painted those.

Finally I melted several layers of enamel then stamped into it to make the oriental fish images; painted over it with copper paint - wiped some off - painted it with black water colour - swiped that with kitchen paper - to leave an 'aged' impression with definition of two fish - one of which is a skeleton.

The colours are richer in daylight - the flash seems to have made it all look paler