Monday 8 November 2010

Week 2 Art, Heart and Healing Course

Oh dear dear dear - week 3 is upon us and I am just trying to catch up on week 2!

It's been a week of doctors, dentist, and hospital appointments and we have been away overnight - but here is where I am at right now.
As this is a work in progress at least you will get to see how the layers and shading progress.
Above you see a base layer of Gesso, then shades of green and blue water colour crayons, some stamping and colouring - then a coat of brayered white.
I have added the tree trunk - which had layers of white and browns, and have just scribbled on a third layer of water colour yellow for a sunshine glow, (yet to be brushed with water to blend it in), another layer of stamped flowers, the heart and bird.

I drew the chains and swing seat and added on my whimsy self.
I had great trouble with my whimsy as the book isn't very big, so the whimsy is very small and it was a real struggle drawing her.  I still have to draw and add her friends.

Apparently I was a very pretty child, with ginger hair - not a 'carrot top' but strawberry blonde or titian it was described as.   Doing this exercise has brought back some nice memories - one of which is when I had a pretty little blue seersucker cotton dress, with a white colour and white spots on it.  I only got to wear it once to have my photo taken on an 'Open Day' in the Village.  I got to wear my Sunday shoes too, and I was told how pretty I looked - isn't it funny the things that pop out of your brain!
It was a lovely happy day!

The countryside, swing on the tree, little bird - and any other creations are, and will be, figments of my imagination to create a perfect storybook childhood.

If you haven't joined in the free course and would like too - just click on the link in the side bar.
You don't have to join in any of the 'healing' side of the workshop if it is not 'your thing' - just have fun and learn some great techniques.  
 It really is such fun, and not only I, but 1155 people (latest number as at 2 minutes ago) have joined in too.   Take a look at all the artwork, the flickr pages, the other courses - and prepare to be amazed.