Thursday 2 October 2008

Messing about with inks - Autumn Leaves Tag

I bought some inks so thought I would play around with them. I haven't tried painting with them before - from pots with a brush! Just used ink pads, alcohol inks, and distressed inks - so this is a new venture for me.

These little Goddesses are smaller than the picture. These were scanned into the computer so look better in real life. And of course the embossing is a lovely shade of Divine Gold from MADJAK designs - a link is in one of the posts further down.

The faces are flesh coloured - some inked and some dusted with pastels - its not so obvious from these scans - with the light from the printer its tends to wash out the colours somewhat.

Its quite a different 'art' painting with inks - and mistakes can't be covered up either - so it takes time and patience - hence doing them over two days - I like to wait for them to dry rather than dry them with a heat gun. These are Ecoline inks.

I think I need to experiment more to get the best out of them - but I am enjoying playing around.

Messing about - with inks

Although these have taken so long to do - over two afternoons - trying out something totally new is great fun - and painting with inks is rather challenging. Watering it down, layering it.

Same stamps - different looks. Embossing with MADJAK Divine gold - see below post for link.

Another messing about with inks

This has taken ages and ages to do - and layers and layers of inks. Fun though trying new things.

More messing about with inks

They look better in 'real life' than they do scanned.

The earrings are gold 24ct Kyrlon pen - so look lovely and the embossing is from here MADJAK Divine Gold. Its a lovely rich blend of gold in real life - almost antique looking - and very subtle. All the embossing on these is with the same embossing powder.

Messing about with inks - again

A funky version - maybe for Halloween?

Last one - messing about with inks

This is just a little one - again smaller than the image on here. About ATC size or smaller. Its not mounted on white paper - the white is backing on the scanner