Saturday 9 January 2010

My camera is broken......

 I seem to be going through a period of 'things' malfunctioning over the past few months. 

Today it is the turn of my camera.  I took some lovely photos of the deep snow and the work I have been doing in my garden for the past three days - and not only will they not down load - the memory stick is on strike!

It tantalisingly told me that there were 98 images - which were my crafting and other images - forever frozen in time on the little black stick!

Where does all this 'stuff' go?  Like the five years worth of daily  posting on my website that disappeared when the host had a major malfunction and 'lost' it all.

Is it floating around somewhere in cyber space - I just don't understand.  One minute it is there looking great - the next it is gone!

At least in the 'olden days' when writing something, you had something tangible, that didn't just disappear.  When taking photos -  you had a roll of film that you could keep for years and still get prints. OK so it wasn't instant like today - but mostly it was more permanent!

So despite working my socks off and achieving rather a lot  - you will just have to take my word for it-and it will just remain in my memory - for how long is rather debatable at my age!