Tuesday 27 January 2009

Altered Match Box

This was primed with thick Gesso - so a nice rough texture. Swiped over with red brick ink pad, and on all the edges.

I coloured the image a bit, and triple embossed the flower to make it stand out and add more texture.

Altered Match Box

On the Lots to Do forum they are doing an altered matchbox swap - in the distressed style of Tim Holtz. The photo quality is not very good - as I couldn't take them in daylight.

I painted white Gesso all over the box in 'scratchy' texture using a hard dry brush and when dry I swiped a 'mustard' ink pad over it, then a brown pad to show up the textures.

Next, using a Tim Holtz grunge board skull and cross bones - I inked and Utee'd it several times to make it thick and shiny like a solid piece of metal.

Using sequin waste, I swiped over a darker brown ink pad over the box, then embossed it with 'Divine Gold' an embossing powder from MADJAK. Its got a nice 'antiquated' texture and colour to it - with dark grains. It looks good in daylight.

The gold 'ingot' little tag was coloured the same way as the Treasure Chest, stamped with 'Captured in time' and embossed.

The idea for the tag came from an article in this month's Craft Stamper by Jo Capper Sandon. Her's is nothing like this one, its a different shape, bigger dainty and attached with a key ring which is so much better, but I didn't have one. It was the idea I copied not the design.

Mine is attached with gold wire of course - pirates don't have key rings :-)

Of course a Treasure Chest wouldn't be one if it didn't have gold, pearls, diamonds and gems etc inside would it?