Monday 3 November 2008

Bamboo Domino Tile - Green Japanese Lady - This Thursday Challenge

The following tiles I am entering for
This Thursday Challenge

These are my first 'efforts' so took me a while to do as it was by trial and error but making them certainly kick started my Mojo again.

This lady has taken me so many hours to make over three days that I think I will keep her and have her as a pendant.

I used Shellac - then a thick coating of diamond glaze and she looks like the is made of glass.

There are not any lumps and bumps - its just the reflection of the flashlight.

On the reverse I used Shellac then Crackle Glaze - I like the finish

I am just waiting on a new batch to arrive - then I have so many new ideas - so watch this space.

Bamboo Domino Tile - Roaring 20's

This one is a 'distressed' roaring 20's style - with gold leafing and five coats of Shellac.

This is the reverse of the pendant treated the same way as the front.

Bamboo Domino - Pink Lady

You saw this dangling in a jam pot yesterday evening - and here it is finished at last.

I painted the domino with two coats of Lumiere paint to match the images. When dry I glued them onto the domino - doing one side at a time. At gave it a couple of coats of Shellac to seal and waterproof it.

I used the same process for the front using a vintage image.

Then I chose some beads, which although look transparent here, they have tints of pink mother of pearl when the light catches them.

The silver topper (for want of a better word) was rather a challenge to put on. It is firmly attached through the domino with wires and those have been superglued into the holes make it rigid. I just need to add a silver ring to it - then decide what use to put it too.

I finished it off with a further three coats of Shellac - to creat a lovely glossy but soft look.

Bamboo Domino

Well this one has had its last coat of shellac - on the back of the tile

And on the front. I took these in daylight so they look better than the photos I did yesterday.

I am still working on three more!

And have ordered lots more!