Sunday 15 January 2012

Polymer clay day three

Well I had a go at sanding the beads, with three or four different textured sand papers, and after doing about 20 I gave up.  They didn't really look any different to the ones I hadn't done, and the job is really labour intensive and messy with the wet and dry sandpaper.

I have joined a polymer clay forum and there are different of opinions regarding the bead tumblers and the sand paper you have to put in them.  So for now I'll not be buying a bead tumbler until I am sure that I will get the use out of it - they are quite expensive.

After re-reading one of the books I have, I discovered that you don't 'have' to shine the beads, and you can varnish them with a polymer clay varnish if you want too.  There is a matt and gloss version.  So I'll leave that in obeyance for now too.

I have used some of the beads I made to make a bracelet - for summer wear - and I have enough left over to make some earrings and a necklace.

You can just about see a bit of a sheen on some of these - but with the pattern it's not really necessary.

I have made a start on some tiles for a couple of boxes I am working on. I am using air dry clay for those.  I made the tiles yesterday, so can't get to work on them until Wednesday when they will be properly dry and hard.

So I am off to paint a couple of wooden boxes in readiness for the projects.