Saturday 12 September 2009

A little needle case

Edited 11.55pm to say:

I never knew there were actually needle books - and have just googled and looked up some links - and now feel rather embarrassed as this is nothing like they should be!

So in future I will make a 'proper' one - with padding etc. but until then - this one will serve it's purpose!

After peeling off the labels I just had to make something with some of the material samples - and this is what I made. But it almost never got started as when I took my sewing machine out of the case and plugged it in, it just wouldn't sew. The needle would not go up and down and the machine just made a whirring noise.

I was really puzzled as it worked the day before. I thought perhaps I had 'messed it up' sewing the bag and its' thick lining together.

I just could not work it out, and was very disappointed to say the least - thinking that I would have to try and find a mechanic to look at it.

Then I read the leaflet - and had a 'light hulb' moment - and hey presto it worked.
There is a 'thing' at the top where you fill up a bobbin, and it must have got knocked when I took the lid off. I clicked it back into position - and I was off!

Once again, no pattern, just one of my ideas having seen the sample materials, and wondering what to do with them - these were the plainer.

I found in my plastic box that I had all sorts of odd needles - not in anything - which is not very clever is it. Really thick ones on the left.

And overleaf a few that are 'sizes 3 to 6 sharp' That made me laugh, all the needles are 'sharp' I have the marks on my fingers to prove it after making the bag.

On the right is a semi-circular needle - I have tucked in the point as it is very sharp. I haven't a clue where it came from, I certainly haven't used it - and have no idea why one would need a needle that shape - can anyone enlighten me please?

Here is the back of the little case and..........

The front cover.

It looks very textured in 'real life' and the colours are lovely. Not a needlewoman's work of art - just a fun project by a beginner.

I did an image transfer onto a scrap of cream cotton. I coloured it with Promarkers, and used grey to go over the stems and poppy centres. I am not even sure that there were any poppies - I just painted them in! Ditto the yellow - I just painted them the colour of winter Jasmine! I know that poppies bloom in summer and not at the same time as the yellow winter shrub - it's called 'artistic licence' methinks!

The 'trim' was a free sample which came with a magazine ages ago. It was something that I never found any use for in my paper arty crafty work - but it looks fine on here. In natural light you can't see the glue strip which you can in the photo, and I have stitched it here and there to keep it on.

It was a totally fun thing to make and play with - and now at least my needles are all together in one safe place. They might even get used now that I have started 'sewing'.

I recently did a bit of genealogy research, and discovered that my mother was a trained seamstress - so perhaps I may have inherited some of it in my genes LOL - at least it is nice to think I might.

Who is a very lucky lady ? I am starting a 'stash'!

I put an advertisement in the village post office and sweet shop a couple of days ago - and didn't really expect a reply - but I DID last night. From a very kind lady who is moving and has been getting rid of things - wish I had known sooner - I could have bought a box full of ribbons and trimmings.

But I am utterly thrilled to bits with which I do have........

This wonderful lace is about 12 inches deep!

Two of these - which I think may be 'chair backs' that someone has made to protect the chair where your head reats. I can't stop looking at the wonderful embroidery.

Look at these wonderful material samples. I spent a happy time peeling off the labels at the back. Mainly Laura Ashley.

I also got two gorgeous 'shiny' half a yard/metre of fabrics.

This is the reverse side of the shiny creamy colour piece

And this is the reverse of the orange piece

And this sample I think I shall be afraid to use!

It is thick and like satin and embroidered. about 12 inches square - but looks like it might have been for a wedding dress bodice or something like that!