Saturday 16 May 2009

Dreams Card

I would like to say this was just a quick card - but it wasn't LOL. I am still practicing.

I cut out the card using a Megabilitie die. Apologies for the photo - the card is laying down and the top has lifted a bit so at the bottom you can see the inside of the card and it looks like it is cut wonky - but it is not.

The stamps are by Tim Holtz and the wording stamp, I haven't smudged - its meant to look like that!

I have ordered a set of new stamps - and they didn't arrive today - so hopefully Monday - but I won't have time to use them until Tuesday - but they are Gorjuss and Sugar Nellies so well worth waiting for.

Now I am feeling guilty about buying them - they cost more than my first car did!

Can you imagine - I got a car and with a full tank of petrol, cheaper than I am paying for half a dozen bits of rubber!

But once I have these - I bet I have more fun than I did with that old car!


In case you all think I am spending thousands of pounds - my first car cost £30! And yes, it was a very long time ago.

I did buy an old van for £5 once too!