Friday 6 November 2009


I have been busy making 'thank you' presents - and trying new (to me) experiments.

Now that this has flown to it's destination I can show you.

Image transferring!

I wanted to make something different, and original, and it took me quite some time to decide what.

You see this lady is far more talented than I - with years of experience.

I came up with the only solution I could think of.

Take some of my favourite examples of her art from her blog, and turn them into a canvas 'bag for life'.

At least I know that she will never get another like it!

And it will come in useful when she runs her workshops as it is very big and strong.

I wish I had..........

A card fairy godmother.  To sit and go through my 'stocks' of arty crafty stuff - pick out various bits and pieces, and give me a step by step lesson on how to make a card with what I have.

Mention the word 'card' or if I even think of the word 'card', I somehow get a mental blog.   I spend hours attempting to make them, and they end up in the bin.  I just can't produce anything in the 'card' department that I am the least bit thrilled with - despite browsing in awe at a long list of blogs for inspiration. 
Very strange.

This is today's disaster scanned into the computer on a sheet of red card.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't even be bothered to go indoors for my camera.

I have spent a long time making it - and it is now heading into the bin.  It just looks just silly rubbish to me.

At least I have achieved something today - I have managed to clear out and sort out the last corner of my studio which still had a stack of unlabled boxes of mixed contents.  (I have things for flower arranging, sugarcraft (which I no longer do, and must get rid of all that equipment), a sausage making machine, a food dryer, a flower press, books for crafting - I am sure that you can picture it)

It's a great feeling to get things organised - totally.  I will know where to put my hands on anything and everything in here- which is just how I like it.  But it still won't help me to make cards LOL!

I think I will do some work with materials for a little while - and wait for the paper crafting side of things to 'fall into place'