Saturday 20 September 2008

Bind it All - Tag Book

I decided to spend a little bit of time making something for ME today.

I am accumulating some lovely works of art and although I find ATCs easy to store - I have a folder for them - some of the other swaps I have received have been on my 'Inspiration' Boards in my studio

Some were stored in a shoe box which I get out and look through, but after all the work that has gone into them, they deserved better than that, so I am going to make albums for all of them.

I have put a sheet of acrylic in front of the first page.

This is the first of many to come. It has my collection of tags in it. I need to make another one to accommodate the bigger tags too - for the ones I have and those which might come in the future.

I have purposely mounted them on totally plain card pages - to accentuate the tags.

They are all so beautiful - aren't they?

All different styles.

Because I made the book using a Bind It All machine, means that if the tags have embellishments on them, I can still put them in a book without any problems.

Almost all of them have wonderful embellishments, and ribbons.

The one above has a tag inside an envelope.

And this one, by the same artist is made up of several layers on a brown envelope, and threaded either side.

These two little ones have lovely fibres as well as stamping

I wish you could see them all in real life - they are all unique and just beautiful - each artist has her own style.
I have put the artists names on the back of each page.

I have more blank pages in this book to fill - for future tag swaps.

My next book project is to make a book for my 'Gothic Arches', another for the 'House Swaps' and in fact I think I will make books for any future swaps.