Sunday 7 September 2008

Playing with acohol inks

I was marooned in my studio whilst a storm was raging - so I had a play with some alcohol inks and acetate.

Not sure if I will enter it for a forum swap - I need to do 'something' with it - like mount it on something other than the black backing card.

Using the butterfly stamp which I got from MADJAK designs (the one I used for this also which I sent to Australia be put on the site - but it has not been updated with it yet). I digress - oops


I stamped the image on acetate and allowed it to dry - then I painted the colours on the reverse - and squished a little pink around the butterfly.

Using a backing paper the same size as the acetate, I began by colouring it with pastels to blend and match the colours on the butterfly.

The acetate I mounted on top of the paper and then onto black backing card.

The picture was 'scanned' in. In daylight the backing paper colours are softer and more muted and the butterfly is brighter.

- As I mentioned - it was just an experiment - so I am not sure what I will do with it next!