Sunday 13 September 2009

Art Creations Friday Challenge 40

I have just found this blog and decided to join in with the challenge using the vintage image which they provided.

My entry is inspired by Lilla's from whom I have bought some bags, and from whom I received this gorgeous tag

Alas I do not have her wonderful talent or flair - or years of experience, but her work does fire me up with enthusiasm to have a go!

So this is my attempt for the Art Creations Friday Challenge

The image was in brown, which I have coloured with inks, and made a 'frame' to go around it.

It does look better in 'real life' the gold is very subtle - I took the above photo under a lamp just to show it up - but it is really not that bright.

I think I am going to take that 'flower' off the bottom which I made - it looks too big - I can just tear off the paper - no big deal

Thank you all so very much for commenting - it is so kind of you to take the time and the trouble. - And it encourages me to try even harder too!


I just wanted to make a little announcement about the vintage images I sometimes use in my work.

A number of years ago, I bought three CD's of Victorian images from a company in the US.

I just loved the 'romance' of them. In all I must have a few thousand images on the CD's.

There are photos of cards for all occassions, in fact one disk is almost entirely Christmas cards , botanicals, butterflies. animals, labels (food, cigars, cigarettes etc) vintage scrapbook pages, angels, copies of paintings, the list is endless. There are also hundreds of vintage 'studio' portrait photos, ladies, children, men, couples, some photo postcards etc.

The reason I am mentioning this is that I have often come across these in the public domain, flickr, forums, blogs with 'giveaway' images, challenges etc.

So, if you happen to see me using a image that you recognize and you might have used it, downloaded it etc, and see it on here and have not received credit for it - please do not take offence - it is because it is one I have on my CD's.

I wanted to explain, in case I have inadvertently upset anyone, especially as I have recently resurrected them and started using them again. I used them a lot when I first started 'art work' then when I discovered and bought rubber stamps, they went by the wayside, but I have just started using them again for image transfers.

There are some that I just adore - and have started using and will be using over the next week or so - which are from my CDs but do appear quite frequently on other blogs/sites - wherever I notice them and join in a challenge I will of course acknowledge this site.