Sunday 1 December 2013

Exciting News - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

I have such exciting news that I am fit to burst.........

The amazing Kelly Kilmer - Artist and Instructor - and fantastic journal tutor is having a SALE

I have bought a couple of her art journaling courses and they are absolutely amazing.  I am a total beginner without a scrap of imagination - but Kelly manages to inspire and excite even an old lady such as me - enabling me to create journals that I just adore.

Living in the country and not having any arty crafty shops for miles and miles and miles and then not ones specific to art and craft - means that supplies for anything that I attempt to make have to be bought on line.  Which is a pain and the postage expensive.

That was until I found the famous Kelly.  Her courses are downloadable, and truly you can make the journals with things you have around your home.  Honestly - I have done it!  You don't need lots of fancy paints or glues or moleskin journals or special anything .  If  you visit her blog and read the links to her courses you will see for yourself.

I have bought the Memories and Reflections course a number of years ago - and its something you can revisit and make over and over again.  I made one of the two journals in the course work - but sadly I didn't make any others as I became rather ill.  I forgot all about my journal and course work until I came across it whilst sorting out some drawers - and sat in awe reading all the pages and pages of inspiring instructions, the pictures, the prompts - wow - unbelievable - and the layout designs - awesome!

Just going back and reading all coursework was so inspiring, that I decided to buy a different course for my birthday present to myself - so have now got The Journey of You.

I didn't have to buy a single thing to create it either.  I had all the bits and bobs to hand - resurrecting papers and things I had forgotten about.  If you look at her list of supplies for this - well - you will have them all - and more!

I knocked on a couple of my neighbours doors asking if they had any old magazines - and if so could they keep them for me so that I could cut things out and then recycle them (which is what we do anyway).  They looked at me as though I was mad - and one lady let me rummage around in her Green bin before the dustmen came.  I had magazines from cruise companies, gifts, Womens Institutes, gardening, etc - and at first you might think Hmmmph - but when you see things through Kelly's eyes - you see pages of inspiration, and colours and ephemera - even the Sunday Supplements have taken on a whole new excitement today - instead of binning them I actually looked through them and have cut out lots of things.  I am going knocking on a few more doors next week - there are some ladies that I think actually buy magazines!

Can you tell that I am a tad bit excited.  I am snapping up Kelly's buy one get one free for my Christmas presents.    Art Journal 365 and Little Paper Books.

A friend of mine in France is going to get Art Journal 365 - and now that I have emailed her about the sale, I am sure that she will add a free one to her wish list.  We are going to do the 365 at the same time.  It'll be great to have a journal buddy to bounce ideas off, and to keep my momentum up over the winter months in case I 'flag'

Why don't you buy one for yourself and give the free one to a friend - FREE  Christmas presents - you can't beat that can you!

If  you choose any of the ones I have - I'd be happy to share my journal journeys with you and we can encourage each other.

Go on - spoil yourself - where can you get this much fun for this bargain price!