Wednesday 30 October 2013

Another page or two for my little French book

 I added another couple of pages to my little book yesterday
 Initially I was quite pleased with the aging experiment and how they turned out
Until, that is, I noticed a white little splodge of paint on the lady's cheek - so she has been ripped out and discarded!
I replaced her with this - a Moulin Rouge type poster.

Oh - and I am working on this
For the back page.

But I keep being  distracted by the scenes from my window
 Dolly the Silkie with the same colour hair as me, noticed that the wind had lifted a bit of netting
 So she set about head butting it so that she could get at the fresh greens I have been growing for them for over winter - and of course the other girls had to get in on the act
When I shouted, 'Oi - Dolly - what are you doing?'
She gave me the most innocent and stunned look - like children are wont to do 
- as much as to say, 'Are you talking to me?' The others
just pretended that it was nothing to do with them of course!
They truly bring a smile to my face, however I may be feeling.

More tomorrow