Wednesday 7 October 2009

Tote Bag Experiment with Vintage Material

I spent the afternoon making this.

Of course I found a way to cheat, as a beginner I am just not clever enough to make it all without a pattern. Doesn't the colour in the photo below look peculiar, its almost as if it has taken on the colour of the background. The right colour are the other photos.

So - using a cream tote back which I had bought previously - I used that as the inside liner. It isn't crunched up in real life - I just did it this way to show you the inside

I cut out a piece of material, machined it into an oblong - which made it nice and strong, and sewed it onto the tote bag to make a big strong inside pocket. It is big enough to take my purse/wallet, car keys, and cell phone - no more rummaging around in the bottom to find them.

I cut out two squares of the fabric which I bought from Very Mary's Etsy shop - its vintage and I love it!

Next I sewed on the flower centre (tell you more about that tomorrow - it has a story) and sewed on some sequins in the two flower centres near the bottom - I love the way they catch the light! Picking up ideas from Pat Winter Gathering's in a very small way of course.

Then I tried to work out how to make a proper bottom - so that when shopping, tins etc would stand up right - so I machined the corners at an angle - and it worked!

Of course, being me, I took the photos before I pressed the bag!

Lastly I just had to put the cream tote bag, inside the patterned handle-less bag, and sew them both together!

Here is the reverse side. Probably beginner's luck - but I was pleased with how it turned out.

What I am really thrilled about is that I have a bag that is wholly original - because I made it, and the material is vintage.

I am raring to make some more now - but when I shall get the time - who knows?