Saturday 5 September 2009

I have missed crafting so much - but I am back!

And to get me back into the swing of things I thought I would try a challenge on Gothic Arches which is to put a Gothic arch onto a tag

Now this is all experimental - but here goes.

I recycled a clothing tag, that Dee sent me (sadly she doesn't have a blog) but thanks Dee, I am using them!

After peeling off a label it left a nice surface to stamp on - so I did.

The reverse took more work. I scraped off a price tag, then painted over it all with soft lime acrylic paint, to cover up all the printing on it, then stamped it with my favourite 'Love' stamp which I also used above on the back.

Next I cut out a Gothic Arch on some thick material and stamped on that, and attached it to the tag.

The lady was printed on some special paper I am trying out - its a bit fiddly - you print it, let it dry for a few hours, put on a sticky sheet, leave that to set for a while, then peel off the backing of the sticky sheet to glue it to the surface and then treat it like a 'rub on'

At this stage I feel I have to say that this looks so much better in real life. The background showing through the image is really subtle in daylight and not as harsh 'tattooing' as it looks here!

The image reminds me of a younger version of me - years ago - when I used to have curly hair - and romantic weekend trips to Bordeaux one summer.

Alas - that is a story for a book not a craft blog!