Sunday 4 March 2012

A Relic

Well this is going to be my most ambitious project yet.
 You can probably guess what this is - but you might need to see the whole thing.
Well you know where this came from now don't you?

From my art room of course!

This is the original - I have had it for years and bought it from an art shop.
It's a very thick and  heavy plaster cast of an 'artifact from a Roman Ruin.'

Don't ask me why I bought it - I really don't know - we had and still have a 'modern' home - but I just fell in love with the romance of it.

It's big - so I couldn't make a mould from all of it - so I took a mould from the top middle 6 inches or so.
I love all the texture and craggy holes and chunks missing.   I can see that I'll be taking more moulds of bits of it.

It's made of Super Sculpey polymer clay which I covered with burnt  umber - rubbing it in everywhere I could.  Then rubbed of the excess with paper towel.

You'd never guess mine was made out of plastic would you?

I think I'll take a bit of time to mount it and make perhaps, some mosaic polymer clay tiles to go around - which will take me rather a long time.