Saturday 17 April 2010

Zuzu's Alter it monthly Challenge - Matchbox

I first came across Zuzu in February 2007 when I stumbled across ATCs and a forum called CM&P.
Before then, I hadn't ventured into the world of 'art'. 

You can see my first efforts here shock horror!  At the time I was rather proud of them - but not now - but we all have to start somewhere.

Zuzu very kindly offered to trade an ATC with me  - an Oriental one - and since then, thanks to her guidance, help, and inspiration, and then later those of her friends, I stumbled into the magical world of rubber stamping, altered art, grunge, embossing and so much more.  I would never have had the imagination or confidence to do these things myself.

I was absolutely thrilled to see that she is back blogging and started a Monthly Altered Art Challenge.

For some reason my brain 'freezes' when the word 'Challenge' is mentioned, and I struggle to achieve something in a week or two - but with a MONTH to make one in - then I should be able to manage it.

My first effort which I made last week is below - just blogged it today - but it's not as good as I would have liked, so I tried again this morning and I am a lot happier with this effort.

Using a white matchbox, I painted it with distress inks.
Then stamped all over it

And did the same with the tray.
One of the first things which I learned from Zuzu's art, was to 'outline' edges

So every single thing I make I edge - albeit with ink pads, pens, gold leaf, or embossed

I started with a strip of paper and inked and stamped and shaded each page to match the images I had chosen to use - and edged them with ink pads!

I thought this vintage style would be more 'Zuzu'
I inked the images, and yes 'edged' each one

And instead of it being a challenge to do

It turned into a 'fun' thing to do!

So this is a product of all the guidance and help I have received.
And I hope that each month I will be able to master the challenge!

Thank you for visiting.
Thank you for the challenge Zuzu

I hope to visit as many of your challenge blog entries as I can, but I am limited to just an hour on the web due to eye problems.

Altered Art Monthly Challenge - No.1. Matchbox Challenge

This is my first attempt at Zuzu's monthly Challenge.
An altered matchbox
I found this a rather difficult challenge to do.
I inked, distressed, stamped, embossed. and rub and buffed.
I used texture paste, metallic paints, and perfect pearls.
And this was the end result.

It took me hours to do - and I tried my best, but it is not good enough.
So I left it a number of days and tried again this morning.
As you will see in the post above.