Saturday 11 April 2009

Pyrography wooden box

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Thank you to blogger 'Angel of the North' for the technical term for this - something else new I learned today!

This is the finished box

I wasn't happy with the burned pattern on the lid - so decided to change it.

I have used gold Krylon paint around the bevelled edge.

I just have to pluck up the courage to varnish it without messing it up!

Playing with a new toy to do some pyrography

I recently bought a soldering iron craft kit - and today I decided to have a play.

Straight in there - no practicing - silly me.

This is a teeny weeny little box.

I drew around a stencil in pencil then just burnt into it free hand.

I did both sides the same pattern

And this is the front.

Trying to burn grained wood is really rather difficult. Well it was for me. Although it looks smooth, it never is when you use a hot tool, so it sometimes has a mind of it's own.