Sunday 23 August 2009

Do you get times when you just can't feel inspired?

Well I am going through one of those spells now.

I forced myself out into the studio this afternoon - but really couldn't think of anything I wanted to do.

After sitting on my office chair eating a choc - ice and just lazily spinning around, my eye fell on my mobile phone - wishing it to ring - but it didn't!

It's ugly - so I made a bag to hide it!

Yet another recycling project.

I want to try to make bag - or two, so for now I am just playing about on a smaller scale, seeing what happens on a huge learning curve.

I found a bit of cut up curtain with the lining still intact, so that made life easier. Just cut out a bag free hand,to include the hem. So it was already lined! Sewed it inside out like a tube, flattened it and the sowed the bottom seam - so that there was a seam at the back in the middle and the bottom. It is so long since I had used my sewing machine, I had forgotten how it worked!

My heart is just not 'in' to doing anything at the moment - but you have to try don't you?

I frayed some scraps and stamped the cream piece and sewed those on. The vintage image is printed on Pabric.

She is holding a silver feather charm - I wish I had a 'flapper' fan for her to hold instead!

I partly covered her with netting to 'soften' the image a bit. The light makes it look like there is glue all over it - but there isn't its how the netting on top of the nylon underneath which has made it look like that.

At the back I have punched two holes applied silver rivets (or whatever those round rings are called) and threaded through a chain. This will enable me to attach it to a bag handle (inside) so that I can find it easily, or to thread a lanyard or ribbon or chain through it - so that I can wear it around my neck when I am gardening etc.

Well I had better go and clear up my mess and pack everything away. Phew, I wish we could have a nice cool day!