Thursday 27 January 2011

Fabric Journal - ongoing project

Firstly may I thank you all for leaving comments yesterday.   I wasn't able to get onto the computer until last night, and by the time  I had answered emails, etc, it left me little time to visit all your blogs.  I did spend over an hour before my eyes 'gave out', and later today I will return the compliment and visit all those blogs which I didn't manage to last night.

Now where did Kate go to next? And what did she send back to Lucinda in England for her scrapbook?

Well she did get to have a good time didn't she!  She mixed with the high society and fashionable set of the era - and they certainly knew how to enjoy themselves!
The Moulin Rouge was a new theatre and totally different to anything seen before. 
It was so exciting, and glamorous and full of high society and artisans, and was always packed with the rich and famous - quite an eye opener for an 'innocent' from a country estate in England.

She became in awe of Toulouse-Lautrec, who used to spend hours and hours in the theatre sketching everything that was going on there.  He was only 1.5m tall, after breaking one, then the other leg later in his childhood which stunted their growth.  
His art was very 'new' and 'modern' and totally different to the 'traditional' painters.
Maybe he saw things differently when he sketched, then painted the posters at home in a drunken 'haze' apparently.

I love the simple lines and caricature way of painting his subjects and the colours he used too captured the vibrancy of the theatres don't you think?
Kate loved visiting there - and Lucinda was transfixed when she read of Kate's 'adventures'.
Her scrapbook, although very old, has weathered the years quite well, despite the pages being 'well thumbed' over  years of re-reading it, and stained with age.

So, two more pages in my vintage fabric journal story......
Thirteen more to go - who knows where she will be visiting next?
I don't - but I'll find out in a week or so no doubt.

Thanks for looking