Monday 11 January 2010

Making a start on my New Year crafty resolution - to endeavour to make cards

I decided that I had been whingeing enough about not being able to make cards, and that it was about time I got serious and sorted this problem out.

My first decision was to buy some embossing folders - as I see that a lot of folks use them and it adds another dimension.

My new 'toys' arrived on Saturday - but it has not been until this morning when the snow has stopped falling that I cleared a way to my studio shed at the end of the garden - making the decision not to leave it until I have made a card that I am satisfied with.

I have had to scan it in to my computer - which has given it a 'washed out' look.   It is so much more colourful in real life. Her face and hands are a pale flesh colour; her cheeks have a warm soft pink glow; the butterfly has a purple tinge and the purple embossing is more defined and a deeper colour.

I do have heating in here - but my feet are like blocks of ice from the snow clearing exercise, so I am off indoors to heat up the saucepan of soup I made yesterday - roasted pumpkin, with leeks, onions, tomatoes, and potatoes - wish I could take a photo of it - it looks lovely and chunky and the colours would rival anything Tim Holtz has come up with.  (Joke - don't want to upset the masses).