Wednesday 12 February 2014

My first 'artisan' ceramic bead bracelet

It's pretty dark indoors - no sunshine - torrential, never ending rain outside!  So any painting craft work was not really the thing to do - so I had a rummage in my beads drawer and pulled out a tin with a selection of ceramic beads which I have bought in little collections over the past couple of years.
 Today this little ceramic blue bird arrived in the post, along with four others which inspired me to get those beads out and try and make a bracelet that I would be proud of.
On the internet there are a number of amazing jewellery makers creating wonderful unique works. It's a great feeling to own a unique piece of jewellery.
The blue bird beads I bought from Blueberribeads
Each bead from Grubbi
is individually created by Grubbi and no two are the same.
Which is why I love them
If you are looking for inspiration then head off to Songbeads  blog
I am the proud owner of a few of her creations and it gives me a wonderful
 'lift' to know that no-one else will have a piece of jewellery exactly
 like the ones I have bought.
I decided to try using waxed cord for this bracelet, instead of wire
or a ready made metal chain bracelet. 
I have bought some different colours and thicknesses from Songbeads
so it was a great project to try them out on.
With no instructions to follow I set myself quite a challenge
But with the rain hammering down outside, and Mr Lottie out,
it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon!
Among my Grubbi stash I found this cute little kitten and beads
so she will be my next challenge I think - but I have absolutely no idea
what I will make with them.  Do you?