Friday 6 August 2010

"Green, cream, grungey not bright'

I had fun making this one - it took me four hours - I seem to be taking ages doing each banner, but it's more my inexperience on a sewing machine and just trying things out.
I used a lovely piece of vintage velvet for this one.
The little girl's dreadlocks I machined on top of a few of the inked ones.

It may have taken a long time but I did actually enjoy the process, the inking, staining, sewing, collaging, and writing one of the quotes from a Tim Holtz stamp on a pure cream piece of new cotton.

And grunging it all up.
The bottom 'circle' is a grunged piece of paper on which I have written a grungey Love

This looks so much better in real life too.  The velvet is all the same green in colour and feels just lovely to touch.

I have got quite attached to this and really hope the recipient is happy with it when she has received it.

'Purple, red, burgundy and gold" - Another banner for the swap

The wonderful Cath recently ran a blog candy giveaway -  I was amazed to receive a parcel as a 'Consolation Prize' for not winning - as one of a number of people.

I have been spending the past couple of days making more banners  for the swap I am in.
I had some of these lovely little blank discs amongst the stash so I stamped one and used it for this banner

The purple fabric with gold patterns, came from an India skirt - one of those large crinkle ones of years gone by.  I bought it from a charity shop to use. 
All the material is sewn onto a material base banner.

I used a vintage image which I overlaid with burgundy netting.

I had trouble photograping things lately - it's me not the camera
I used some more of the Indian scarf - its lovely rich colours with lots of gold don't show up here.

It looks even stranger in the bright sunshine - you'll just have to take my word for it, that it looks fine and subtle and rich in 'the hand'