Monday 26 October 2009

Please don't make me do it again........................

I truly admire anyone who can make inches.  I love gazing at those wonderful individual works of art.   But they give me so much angst.

I just can't make them.  I have big hands, fingers bent with arthritis - and inches are my worst nightmare.

I really like to support forum swaps - and try my best but............................

There is a swap on a forum I belong too, it was an open 'theme' and I sent in my nine Oriental inches - but didn't feel they were my best.  I tried my best - but they lacked something.

So I have spent all of this morning trying again!  (Click to enlarge if you dare!)

They do look better in real life - but as you can see, I can't even arrange them properly to photograph - they are just too small.

I have 'lost the plot' - Idon't even remember which way up some of them are meant to be!  They have a Cosmic shimmer sheen here and there which the photo doesn't show.

In the photo some don't even look square - but they are - they are just not lying flat!

I have made 54 I think, this morning, and I am going to send them all off in the vain hope that the host can find nine suitable.  I still have to write my name on the back of them.

Please, pretty please, don't take offence if I don't  join in any more inches swaps.  I feel about inches, the way most people feel about spiders, or daddy long legs, or snakes.  My grandson loves me to read him a book called 'Arghhh Spiders' - he and his mum are scared of them - I'm not though - but I think I might write a book called 'Arghhh Inches' - and he can have the same delight reading it to me in a scary voice - as I do reading to him!