Monday 26 April 2010

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

I was all dressed up ready to go out and explore - and - the car wouldn't start.


Phoned the AA and a knight in shining yellow armour came to my rescue within 35 minutes.

Despite his big black charger - even the knight could not breathe life into my silver horse powered carriage and rescue me! - My battery was as dead as the proverbial Dodo.

So what does one do?

Well I walked into the village through the church grounds (where once my stepgrandaughter aged 5 at the time - was skipping at my side as we went past the ancient tombstones - where we stopped to read some names. She asked me all about the different ones, the engravings on them, then we went along another row, where the moles had been busy and there were mole hills. "Nana" she said, "see those piles of dirt - is that where the people are trying to get out?")    She is 15 now!

Anyway, I digress, a walk through our lovely historic village, through the church yard looking at all the wild flowers, and a bright and breezy, "Hello" from the chap mowing all the lawns - soon dispelled any lingering disappointment at my aborted shopping trip.

I crossed the green, past the bowls club, and headed for the little village garage.   Explained my damsel in distress plight and they got on the phone, ordered the new car battery I needed, and old Malcom and his equally elderly friend who hangs out at the garage, came this afternoon and fitted it for me.   How's that for service!

So never being one to sit still for long and having time to fill before Patrick came back from bowling, I decided I ought to have some playtime.

After the daydreaming through the church yard to times gone, by I decided to 'do' another vintage bag.

The picture  I used, I found on the Art Creations Friday blog, and it was digitally altered by
Terri Daugherty - but there was no link to her blog only her name on the photo.
I Googled her with the aim of asking her  if I could use her image - but failed in finding her

So if you see this Terri or know Terri - I hope she will not mind my playing with it. 
It is not for gain or for sale - just something to keep me busy.

So I painted it, and stamped it

And painted some more
And painted and stamped even more. 
The background, her scarf, her lips, her eyes, the flowers - and more, more, more, more.

And gradually built up the layers until it looked like a painted canvas
The colours are now different too!

For some reason it looks darker in the photo below  - taken from a different angle I guess.
But the true colours are those of the close up - shades of brown, sepia, creams etc

I do hope that Terri takes it as a compliment that I used her image
It's kept an old lady very happy for a day.

So what shall I do tomorrow?
Why get all dressed up to the nines again - and go and explore and shop!