Monday 8 February 2010

Crafting but no show and tell

I have been crafting - but just can't post any photos as they have all be for presents or for a design team I belong to.

Here are some sneak peeks - which seem to be all the 'rage' lately.
Some paint and inking going on here

A bit more going on here too - perhaps some texture?

Hmmm what can this be?


I've had a wonderfully busy weekend and little time to sit still - bit I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Sadly the weather kept us indoors most of the time, but there are lots of things to do indoors isn't there.

After a big Sunday lunch, I needed a little bit of time to recharge my batteries, and so did my grandson Luke. 

It was Luke's idea - ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce!

Us grown ups had the less messy version of a choc ice.

Who cares that it is sleeting outside - it's summery warm in here!