Friday 21 September 2007

Little Girl Shoes - Hand drawn or painted for ATCards swap

Daisy shoes

Ladybird flip flops

Angels wings flip flops - size small!

Ooo Ollie

The above is for a black and white swap on Zuzu's forum.

The word 'art' is a cut out card which I painted white, them embossed - so to the naked eye it is shiny and bright.

I painted the black card even blacker to make it all contrast better - so too the white and black lettering. Laurel and Hardy's images were painted black and highlighted with white.

The marks on can see on the black jacket are not on the ATC but were on the glass of my scanner - so it looks jet black really and no smudges

Metal foil experiment

This design I did in the same way as the water iries below.

Freestyle design - a bit 'Art Deco'. Japanese Quince embossed on metal foil, then painted with glass paints.

Mounted on a thick royal blue crepe paper which I had drawn a quince design in silver, then the whole thing was mounted on thick card.

The paper it is photographed on is black - so to the little framework - would you believe!

It does look very much brighter in real life!

Playing with metal foil

This ATC is embossed metal.

I 'drew' a picture on the back of the metal - then turned it over and went over the outline - then painted it.

Hard to see in the photo - but they are stylised blue water irises rising out of a pond, with rushes.

Its mounted on a water colour painted background which matches the yellow centres of the irises

Sunday 16 September 2007

Watchmakers Tin - Altered Tin

Ginger on Zuzu's forum - kindly sent me a Watchmakers Tin to alter or decorate for a swap.

Here is my effort which has been sent to Seona

I was actually rather proud of it - my first ever attempt and it took me hours over a few days to do waiting for each layer to dry.

I used vintage watch parts which I bought off the internet and layered them in clear glues, glass paints and fine glitter - it looks lovely in the sunlight. It took me so many attempts to fit on the clock hands and get them to stay there - I almost gave up!

This is the reverse of the lid - which looks better in real life - and I have cleaned up the rim.

This is the inside bottom of the tin - with purple glass paints and fine glitters

Finished off with purple ribbon.

The tins were donated by Katy - for which we thank you.

You can buy 'naked' tins for Katy's Corner click here

Thursday 13 September 2007

Black and White Swap on Zuzu's Forum - Artists Trading Cards

Splish, splash, splosh - well that is what it felt like with this very watery messing about playing with black and white watercolours.
But I actually like how it has turned out.

Just think all these ATC's are smaller than they appear on your screen!

This one is a black textured card for the ATC backing. I stamped the butterfly image onto tissue paper and layered it on top.

A very sticky and tricky task indeed. Thank goodness it did not entail super glue or I would have been in a real mess!

A different medium - black and white watercolours. A freehand painting, sitting in the garden relaxing by the pond. (The is the proper size 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches for an ATC - I scanned the card in though so it is on the hough but in real life it is rectangle!

It was nice just painting with two colours and not to a particular theme as such.

Textured black card onto which I glued layers of tissue paper and mounted a stamped butterfly on plain white paper.

Tuesday 11 September 2007

‘Shoes that you wore in your childhood’

The theme of a swap I am going to enter is ‘Shoes that you wore in your childhood’.

So here are the shoes I always dreamed of wearing - but never ever got to even try a pair on!

The trouble with dreams - no matter how hard you try - you can never make them as good in real life as you can in your dreams.

But these do look better with the naked eye than the scanned photos.

Just one ATC - which took me hours to make. My practice one!

Firstly I drew a pair of pink ballet shoes on pink paper, with swirly drawn ribbon ties, and fancy pink pattern in the background.

Then I coloured it with pastels - but it didn’t look right to me.

So I just cut out the pink ballet shoes - and painted them red, then darker, then darker still. I dare not tell you how many times I had to paint them to get them to match the ribbons.

I stamped some black card with swirls, and embossed them, which gave me a subtle shiny arty background on which to mount my dream shoes.

Gosh it was hard to put ribbon ties on each shoe - and the one on the left I have tied into a bow - but you can’t really see it in the photo.

Saturday 1 September 2007


It was very difficult to photograph. It does look better in real life though

This is for a 'shape of things to come' swap

The task was to make an ATC sized cut out shape and decorate it.

I sketched the onion with pastels first - sealed it - then dipped it several times in onion skin coloured enamel to get the smooth shiny finish, then stuck it onto thick card.

The white is just the paper it is laying on for the photo shoot.


Trapped for all time in 'amber' enamel

It is ATC size - and very tactile - the top is pointed but the scanner has 'cut' it off

The white is just the scanner page and not part of the ATC