Monday 12 January 2009

I have won a prize from The Artistic Stamper

A huge thank you to Jennie of The Artistic Stamper for choosing me as the winner of her birthday prize. If you click the link you will see that it was her birthday and we had to leave a comment saying what her ideal way to spend her birthday would be. And she chose mine!

This is the comment I left

Happy Birthday Jennie.

You will of course be waking up in a luxury hotel - the curtains being opened by your personal maid.

The sun streams through the window revealling a warm and sunny day - with lots of surprises.

The first is a champagne breakfast served by the butler - with a red rose in a little vase - and a loving note from your husband (we won't reveal the contents of that though).

After a wonderful breakfast, you have a 'date' with the beauty therapists - a day of pampering and relaxation - and as your lovely new blog photo shows - a great change of style.

You get a phone call from your husband to be ready to 'go out' dressed to the 'nines' at 6pm when he will meet you in the hotel lobby. So you have plenty of time to choose a new outfit from the hotel's Mall of designer shops.

You sweep down the stairs - getting lots of admiring looks - to be greeted by your husband, who leads you to a stretch limo. You are then whisked to the theatre to see the show you have always wanted to see, but never got around to doing so.

Afterwards - a romantic meal for two - by candlelight - finished by a tour in the stretched limo before returning happy and tired to your hotel suite.

Before you know it you hear a bell ringing - it's your alarm going off.

It's all been a wonderful dream - but it's still your birthday - so today you meet up for and have a lovely lunch with your husband. Cards and presents and phone calls from loved ones - family and friends - who are there to make your day special.

I guess the dream is just for romantic novels - but it is nice to dream isn't it.

Have a wonderful day.

(And like you my birthday is a winter one - but it's nice to dream of a warm one isn't it)
Needless to say I am chuffed to bits and very grateful too.

The Artistic Stamper just so happens to be a great place to shop - with so many unusual things - plus all the greats and latest Tim Holtz, Maya Road to name just a couple.