Sunday 23 October 2011

One large kick up the rear applied!

Well how do you get your mojo going again huh?   I have been searching for ways to force me to do things - apart from staying indoors - and working myself to a standstill in the garden.

So yesterday  I took the plunge and found a new venue yesterday, which has just opened in a 'lock up' on a farm near me, and have signed up for a one to one beading session the first day in November. 

My best friend loved beading and made such beautiful things, that I thought I just had to have a go.  If I learn the basics, then I can go arty crafty and put my own stamp/take on things - which will be good.

Years ago, I used to make lots of soaps and body creams using beeswax from the village beekeeper - but bars of soap seem to have gone out of 'fashion' - and there are only so many bars you can use if you do like it!  Sharing the unit I visited yesterday was another lady who makes organic hand washes, and hand lotions, and one of them uses goats milk - perfect - and no, it doesn't smell of goats, she uses oils too.   So I have signed up for a one to one lesson with her too.

And the third thing I have done is to sign up for Mary Greens Christmas Glue Book Class  which went online early this morning.   There is a link to her site in my right hand column.    I have paid for the course, downloaded the information, printed out the images and backing paper sheets, and am raring to go!   The first lesson starts on November 6th.   If you like Vintage Victorian - you'll love this.

I don't want to give too many secrets away - but after the course, you'll have time to use the images for Christmas cards and other projects too.  And they are not too 'twee' and are from Mary's own collections.  Pop over and have a look