Sunday 17 August 2008

Colour is my Obsession - for This Thursday Challenge

This challenge has taken me way out of my comfort zone. I've gone bright, I've gone bold - and maybe a bit bonkers!

I drew on my experience of running a pre-school playgroup over 34 years ago - and loved messing around with paint with the little ones - so I guess I regressed to that of a three year old when I got out the brightest colours and played.

So think flower fairies, gingerbread houses, fairy cakes, and sunny days.

Mix them all together with some sparkles, fairy dust, lots of texture and tutus - and here you have it..................

My obsession with colour.

My thanks go to Paula who not only gave me the little piece of jigsaw puzzle you can see in a previous post below. But also a template for a house and a bird. (I drew around the template and added the chimney - take a look at her blog for the most fantastic cards - and Paula really does have a 'eye' for colours.