Friday 16 January 2009

This Thursday Challenge - Whiskers.

It's great to see the This Thursday Challenge up and running again.

Here is my entry to this weeks theme of 'Whiskers'

It is slightly lighter than this photo shows - more like a crushed velvet deep wine colour. I wanted it to look very vintagey and old and it does n natural light.

I inked the background, stamped and embossed a page of prose.

I used my flash for this photo - so you can see the details better, but it is nowhere near this bright in daylight, but just a shade lighter than the darker photo above

I decided that the page looked a bit 'plain' so used a T.H. clock mask to add a bit more interest.

I painted a vintage image and tore it and adhered it to the background - then darkened it with re-inker black until I got it the shades I liked.

I feel a bit foolish now - as the other entrants I have looked at are cute animals with whiskers.

Never mind - I love this very whiskery Victorian man - he looks very serious - and needs his moustache to tickle his nose and make him smile - don't you think?

Alter a tin challenge

Over on Objet D'art the challenge was to alter a tin.

Having never tried this before it was quite a challenge.

I painted a little old cigar tin that someone gave me years ago - with white acrylic.
Once dried I painted over with 'Chill Blue' metallic paint quite thickly and heated it up until it bubbled.

Added a colour coordinating image, and painted over that with metallic chill to accentuate the face and distort the background. It then got a few coats of Shellac before adding the layers of different coloured fusible film and finally the sequins - which I must add are exactly the same colour of the blouse of the girl, and the copper centre one is another exact match of the copper fusible film in areas - but the flashlight had made them look bright. In fact it's made it all look brighter because of the shellac.

I also added the swirl embellishment which I painted antique gold - thank you to my friend Ginger for that.

Forgot to show you the back - so just taken another photo.