Tuesday 2 March 2010

Oriental card inspired by Jo Capper Sandon

This is another layout by Jo which I enjoyed doing.  It more or less followers her layout, but I have had to improvise with materials - such as using ribbon instead of patterned paper.

The previous post was not exactly her layout either - but inspired by hers
If I keep practising, by the time the proper paper comes I should make a good job
This months magazine is really getting me in the mood to try things out.

I have the stamp!

For the first time ever  - when I read my monthly craft magazine, I was so excited to see that I actually have one stamp that was used, and what is more I adored the projects it was used on.  

Have had to improvise - and I can't take a photo for toffee

The artist featured was Jo Capper Sandon

I didn't have any of the papers - but I have gone mad and ordered them.
Jo used black backing paper - I used black felt tip pen until I can get black card
Her designs are exquisite - my attempt doesn't do her design justice

But do you know what - I don't mind. 
I have 'Boogie Nights' on my little CD player in my studio shed.
I am singing along, and I have had such fun.

Just you wait until I get the paper and black card
You will see a remarkable improvement

Off to make another.........

'Dance to the boogie tonight,
Boogies nights are...........'