Saturday 14 February 2009

All threaded up and ready to go..........

I have joined in a bead swap on UK Stampers - we had to make 20 beads and will get the same amount - four lots of five.

I thought that if I threaded five on a little tag - it would make life easier for the lady who had the job of sorting them out!

Faux Ivory Paper Beads

I had another dabble this morning-trying to make beads that look like they are made out of painted ivory - instead of paper and UTEE

No matter how carefully you choose your paper...........

You never quite know how they are going to turn out

I like surprises!

Nana's Memories - 10,000 hits

Nana's Memories (Beth) is celebrating her 10,000 hits

Many congratulations - she also is giving away some blog candy to celebrate