Thursday 9 August 2012

Flower Arranging

 I have joined a NAFAS flower club in a town near me. It meeets once a month and each meeting you get to watch a top flower arranger.  I was lucky to win the above flower arrangement in a raffle.  It's a big arrangement and as I live in a little bungalow I decided to make several small ones from it today.
 For this arrangement I used the green chrysanthemums, some yellow rubeckia flowers from my garden, and some fatsia leaves from a shrub I have, together with some of the foliage from the original arrangement.
 I need to add some red foliage to this orchid arrangement or red flowers to match the flower centres and enhance the beauty of the flower centres - it's a bit too green at the moment.
 I have made this for a new friend, who is going to attempt to teach me how to play a keyboard!
I have added flowers from my garden to the carnations, and included lavender, rosemary, ice plant, and fern.
It smells absolutely gorgeous!

I'm feeling pretty nervous at the prospect of my first lesson - 'trying to teach an old dog new tricks' proverb springs to mind!  And learning to read music - yikes.   It might be the shortest lesson in history!  But Coral reckons that she CAN teach me to play and that she is very patient - bless her - she'll need patience - watch this space!