Wednesday 22 February 2012

A box that didn't explode - Edited

I just had to have another go at covering a round box after the first one exploded!
So using another pack of the wonderful Premo Accents in blue with a touch of white I had a fun time covering it.

I used the crochet doily again to texture the lid, and some heart and swirls for the sides.
The I used a shell mould for the lid, and added a pearl but I now see that it could do with a cluster of pearls as it looks a bit odd with just one on the shell - that's easy to fix!
Now that looks better doesn't it - five shells around the pearl.  I am  happy with it now.
The are real shells too - with a touch of shine which I added to them.
Wish I could say the same for the pearl!

I painted inside and out of the box and lid with some cheap acrylic metallic paint to finish it off.