Tuesday 25 October 2011

Odd sized art

Well I have made a start by  joining in an 'odd sized art' swap.   The size I found awkward to do -
13.5cm x 6.5cm.

It's a three for three swap.
For 'Auriculas' above I glued a vintage book page onto thick card and built up the layers.

This one has a vintage print, which I framed in a faux wood frame (it's made of cardboard and I have layered on different coloured inks until I got the effect I wanted.)  It's meant to convey a picture on display in an art gallery in France - hence the vintage type faded 'wallpaper' it's displayed on.

I stamped the backing paper, used a torn image from an old newspaper stamped across the bottom, added a small stamp in the bottom left hand corner - and just had to use the sentiment stamp I found in a bag of old mixed rubber stamps - it really appealed to me.

They went in the post this afternoon - and I made another one for me later.
( I don't think I have much if any of my artwork - I seem to join in swaps and send it all off!)

I have just finished the above for myself.

Inked and stamped paper (a Crafty Individuals letter stamp).  A torn vintage image, a row of lace top and bottom which I coloured to tone in with the paper - and the paper flower which I coloured dark brown but looks rather red in the photo just to finish it off.

Thank you Sam for the nudge and the lovely RAKS tags you sent me, I really appreciate your kindness